About Us

Ashley Gegory, Owner of Aqua Fusion FurnitureI welcome you to my inspirational world of furniture.

The focus behind this impressive and functional range of furniture has been to create showpiece furniture with a dynamic element in the form of an aquarium.

My love of great design and fusing different ideas together began at an early age. A project set by an inspirational teacher was the catalyst for my current commitment to furniture and design. Whilst still at school, I made a toy with a dynamic element: a pine timber biplane with a propeller that rotated as you rolled the plane along a surface. A simple idea, but not only did this creation earn me top marks for design and development but it ignited a lifelong and earnest love for creating simple but elegant furniture which can stimulate, inspire and calm.

Our company vision from the beginning has been to create furniture fused with aquariums that can be viewed by the owner as a showpiece of functional art – all this in a contemporary world that is ever seeking more compact and multi-functional furniture.

Whilst modern society is built on action, activity and motion, my furniture offers simplicity of design fused with an ethos of calm, balance and relaxation. It has always been my goal to provide a soothing antithesis to the stress and chaos, which all too often surrounds our daily life. With my Aquafusion range, I believe I’ve achieved this.

Our furniture is a pinnacle of construction utilising latest technologies in its design and methods while always retaining hand built elements and meticulous attention to detail.

Individuality or design? We say there’s room for both.

We hope you love our furniture almost as much as we do…

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