A popular option for many of our customers is to work with us to create an entirely unique piece of furniture. This allows sizes, finishes, colours and functionality to be perfectly suited to your own special and specific needs.
The possibilities really are endless…

One-off Commissions

We offer a service that we call ‘One in a Million’. This is a bespoke design service where our designer will create a product to a design of your choice while encompassing the core principles of our already available Aquafusion furniture. Your products may be tailored to match a room design, scheme or mood or even a favoured football theme.

Bespoke Sizing

Our furniture range is designed to offer the most ergonomic design, including efficient use of space and the latest in innovative design features and technologies which are exclusive to our brand. We can however tailor any of our current range your specific size specifications.

Bespoke Finishes

A popular option with many clients is to incorporate a luxurious leather finish into an item from the current range. We use only premium, natural leather for the most luxurious of finishes and can colour, tone and texture match to any piece of furniture in your home or business.

We can also colour match glass or backgrounds to any colour imaginable.

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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