Q – How do I order my product?

A – You can either order your product through our online ordering facility or through one of our stockists.

Q – How long should my product last?

A – Typically the better you look after your aqua fused furniture the longer it will last, treat is the same as you do your other home and office furniture and it will last longer. Please view our ‘product care’ page.

Q – If I damage the leather or glass can it be repaired?

A – All accidental damage can be repaired in house at our factory, you can simply contact us and we will arrange to either collect your piece of furniture or arrange a suitable courier and explain how you can suitably package it ready for haulage. When we receive it we will price it up and quote the work to put it back to its showroom condition. We thoroughly clean and service all working parts of your furniture when we have it in for work so you can rest assured you receive it back in as near showroom condition as possible.

Q – How can I make sure the colour of leather or solid finish is exactly the same as my current furniture?

A – We can send out colour swatches for you to exactly match exactly the colour of your existing and surrounding furniture, we can arrange one of our design team to visit your address and exactly design and run through all the options available. This service is subject to availability and minimum order value. This can also be subject to additional charge if the order is of a lower value. Please contact our sales and design team to discuss all available options.

Q – If I have to cancel my order before it is delivered can I either rearrange the order date?

A – Yes you can, we are as flexible as our customers require us to be. As long as the product hasn’t left our workshop we can re-arrange and suit your needs best. We recommend you contact in as much notice as possible to make it as easy for us to plan re delivery.

Q – Have you a showroom or shop I can visit to view your range of furniture?

A – We don’t at present, we solely work out of our manufacture unit. All the information you could possibly need is on our online internet site, should there be any further information you require please get in contact and we will be more than happy to answer any questions.

By working solely from our site and not having a shop we have reduced running costs and can transfer that into our pricing to help reduce our end costs to you our valued customers.

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