Future Concepts

Here at Aquafusion Furniture we strive to create striking furniture and glassware that is as imitable and flexible as each individual owner. We believe that creativity doesn’t end with manufacture and our client’s inspired interpretations of our work never cease to astound and delight us. We therefore continue to design our pieces with the individuality of our customers in mind: an ethos which drives us to create items which can be interpreted and used in a variety of unique and imaginative contexts.

Feel free to contact us about our exciting future projects and do remember that Aquafusion offer a bespoke range in which we can design with you the perfect piece for your home or business.

Our Vision Statement

“Our Vision is to design and manufacture functional furniture that will be valued by the Consumer as art. We aspire to be recognised as pioneers of cutting edge designs,
Combined with practicality that is relevant to the way we live in the 21st century.”

By Ashley Gregory.
Designer at Aqua-fusion Furniture.

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