Poseidon ponds by aqua fusion furniture.

We call this our pond aquarium.

An ultra-modern design offering a centre piece to the garden

Our pond aquariums are perfect for people that want everything, those that want to fully view all the aqua landscape all year around, both day and night.

We have 5 British bred carp, 10 large gold fish and 1 large sturgeon in this pond.

This pond aquarium was made using structural blocks, it has been internally finished with fiberglass for a smooth structural finish and coloured on the inside using dark olive.

Rendered externally and having two large viewing windows. This aquarium pond is a total of 1200mm deep, 400 mm below the ground level and 800 mm above it. Having a 1 metre square floating plant island in the back corner and around 10 separate lights inside the pond offering a perfect viewing atmosphere of the underwater rockery even at night and throughout the year. All pumps and filtration were hidden out of sight under an accessible hatch so not to affect the aesthetics and appearance of the aquarium pond.

Technical stuff

This pond is 1200 mm deep, 4000 mm wide by 4000 mm. (That’s 1.2 metreres. By 4 m by 4 m)

At Aqua fusion furniture we offer a full design service in house. We can come out and design your new pond aquarium with you.
We also offer detailed cad drawings to help make the best design choices then once your pond is finished can assist in maintenance.

Why not give us a call today and let us make a centre piece out of your garden.

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