Bespoke creations ‘Bed’

With no better place to be inspired and have all those magical idea than in your bed.

It is an absolute dream to sit or lay there just before you go to sleep with the night affect moon blue light and view the gracious fish swim about with the small waves trickling about above.

The bed is made of high gloss white solid timber structural frame which is fixed back to the adjoining wall for additional strength, with a high gloss oak affect head board and aquarium surrounds.

All of the aquariums technical stuff are secretly and silently hidden below the memory foam mattress.

Technical stuff

Dimensions: Bed size is 2500 mm long by 2100 mm wide at widest point of attached side tables, 600 mm tall at mattress height, 1200 mm height at top of aquarium and top of headboard.

Aquarium Capacity 400 litres.

Bed to suite a kind sized mattress.

Lighting is supplied by a fluval sea led strip light. the aquariums water is filtered by way of a eheim pro 3 t350 canister filter and also a fluval 305 canister filter, both are hidden under the mattress itself under sound proof matting offering silent running. There is a eheim flow maker offering the water circulation for the corrals and to remove the possibility of any dead spots in water circulation/ filtration.

The fish livestock in this aquarium consist of a full salt water set up, there is a large powder brown tank, a small and medium regal tang from Australia, a Picasso trigger fish, a small and medium clown fish, a long nose fox face fish and a standard fox face, fiery file fish, 4 light blue damsel fish and a very active sand sifting fish.

Free Consultation Service

We offer a FREE no obligation site visit, ideal for those considering commissioning a custom built fish tank. To request a site visit all you need to do is get in contact either by phone or by contacting us here on our site.

The Manufacture and Installation Process

We can manufacturer fish tanks in glass or acrylic. subject to the size and technical constraints of the project we can suggest which is best for your needs and your budget. We can cater for all types of livestock, either Coldwater, tropical or marine setups, and will design your aquarium accordingly.

We do not sub-contract works and offer our own in house building and joinery service, with all installations completed by us you see your project completed from start to finish by Aquafusion furniture.


Each aquarium is designed and manufactured to individual specification.

However, as a general guideline prices can start from £500 for the smallest items we create,

For more details please contact us.

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