Built in aquariums

We have worked closely with many of the areas best Architects and Interior Designers. We can create a unique aquarium from start to finish using only the best quality materials, to strict specifications and guidelines.

The end result is a quality piece individually designed and installed to the highest standard.

Built within wall aquarium in Blyton near Gainsborough.

We were asked to design an aquarium that was flush/ level with the interior side of the living room wall between the fire place and the front of house wall on an external wall. This was requested as his previous aquarium took a lot of space up in the corner of the living room. With our no fuss anything is possible approach we suggested an extension be build projecting 750 mm from the outside of the outside brick built solid wall small extension which was to hold the body of the aquarium. This then allowed for the aquarium to finish flush with the internal finish of the living room wall where is was to be viewed, and surrounded by high gloss handle-less doors.

There was also a custom 70 litre capacity sump underneath the aquarium and a custom weir overflow. All the mechanics of this aquarium were hidden by flush high gloss doors all on touch catches so no handles were on show.

All of this was completed in a time period of 15 working days which includes all of the building work and finishing lastly with the high gloss aquarium surround doors.

This particular aquarium was built for a avid aquarium lover so he set up the livestock himself but we often set up and finish the aquariums for many of our customers, just leaving them to do the best bit of sitting back and enjoying what we have created.

The technical stuff

Aquarium size 1800 mm wide by 600 mm deep by 750 mm tall.
Aquarium capacity 810 litres, sump capacity 70 litres.
filtration water cycle rate of 6 times per hour.
Total weight of aquarium 1.4 tones.

Free Consultation Service

We offer a FREE no obligation site visit, ideal for those considering commissioning a custom built fish tank. To request a site visit all you need to do is get in contact either by phone or by contacting us here on our site.

The Manufacture and Installation Process

We can manufacturer fish tanks in glass or acrylic. subject to the size and technical constraints of the project we can suggest which is best for your needs and your budget. We can cater for all types of livestock, either Coldwater, tropical or marine setups, and will design your aquarium accordingly.

We do not sub-contract works and offer our own in house building and joinery service, with all installations completed by us you see your project completed from start to finish by Aquafusion furniture.

Each aquarium is designed and manufactured to individual specification.

However, as a general guideline prices can start from £500 for the smallest items we create,

For more details please contact us.

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