Named after the ancient Greek god of water, by nature the mythical Poseidon was very greedy, a trait this aquarium has in abundance. Its stunning to look at, highly functional and very practical in its functionality. By design it is a very imposing design homing a large perfectly functioning aquarium. The Poseidon is made of American white oak, finished with a rich Danish oil with an endless possibility of colour choices. The mythical Poseidon’s choice of weapon was the trident which you can see subtly located on the logo and on the water inlet/outlet that’s placed in the aquarium. This secretly hides pipework going down the side framework to one of the sides of the aquarium down to the compartment within the base where all the workings are located. The aquarium has colour changing lighting that’s changeable at the flick of a switch from low lit room to a vibrant well lit set its all possible as the mood takes you.

I think you will agree that the Poseidon is worthy of its name, it is definitely a special show piece that can be built to your requirements using any materials & colours of your choice.

The Technical Stuff

The Eheim pro canister filtration system, is renowned as being the best aquarium filtration system on the market today. It is a sealed canister with one hose going up and into the top of the aquarium and one hose returning. The Eheim canister system has a built in digital thermometer so you can set the temperature precisely yourself without having a thermometer on display in the aquarium. Having the Eheim filtration and heating system inside our aquariums compliments and helps us at Aqua Fusion Furniture. They offer a completely obscure filtration, heating and lighting system to make our aquarium furniture what it is, ‘fully functional art.’

‘I am a fan of ancient Greek mythology and from the outset wished to call a future aquarium ‘The Poseidon’ when I created something special enough. I feel I’ve created something here very worthy of such a powerful name, I welcome you to the Poseidon,’

Standing at over 1.7 metres tall and being 1.2 tones it needs to be placed on a solid concrete floor.

Dimensions- 1700 mm wide by 800 mm deep by 1700 mm tall

Water capacity of approximately 500 litres.

Due to the size of this model we include to deliver this and set it up ourselves in most places in the uk. After all who better than the people that made it….

Price £5250

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