p-page-k-side“Creates a unique point of attraction inside any space.”
Jacob from Aquarium Sphere (

“Yours are actually the coolest I have seen in a long while…”
Lee Rowland, Leading and renowned engineering artist. (

firaAshley Gregory is a name that could soon be synonymous with innovative furniture the world over”
Daniel Shrimpton, Showcase Manager at the Furniture Industry Research Association (F.I.R.A)

“…Ashley Gregory’s innovative aquarium tables beautifully meld form with function and are beginning to catch the eye of industry experts…”
Debbie Hall, ‘The Journal’.

stairtank“Such a fantastic job Ashley! You are such a talent and your work is a credit to you!”
Elaine Wright from Peterborough

DSC2065“Many thanks again… Denise tells me that the ray is VERY happy in his new home and yes I am very happy with it too… It sure makes the statement that I wanted!!!! Thanks again.”
Wayne Mcall from Lincolnshire.

“After months of looking for the perfect piece of furniture for my home, I discovered Aqua Fusion Furniture and am now the proud owner of a stunning piece, which has finished off my room and been admired by all my friends. It fits beautifully into my living area and the hardest part of the purchase has been deciding which room to put it in! With a range of striking styles to choose from; you are sure to find one to suit your home or business and style.
Aqua Fusion have been incredibly helpful and even installed the piece for me in my home. This really was a ‘no fuss’ transaction. Impressive ’additions’ such as the remote lighting and fish feeder gave this product a truly opulent feel….after all…who can say “no” to a little luxury?!

The tank is uber easy to keep clean and both the fish and the gentle bubble effect are incredibly calming. There is quite simply nothing nicer than relaxing with a cold glass of wine and letting the soothing effect of the aquarium stroke away the day’s stresses. I haven’t regretted this purchase for a second and remain delighted with both the quality and design.

I’m waiting with baited breath to see Aqua Fusion’s next designs.”

Jenny Lincolnshire.

flatfish-imageThe gradual evolution of the work /home ethic and longer office hours has meant that the environment in which my team and myself work has to be as pleasant and multi-functional as possible. This necessity is born from the need to inspire my staff and create a professional and productive working environment whilst also maintaining a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere. Not an easy task and one that has caused me some headaches in the past.

I’ve recently ordered a V side table from Aqua Fusion Furniture and am really pleased that it has met all the criteria. It looks smart in my reception area and although I can’t claim that it has improved sales (or I’d be buying the whole range…)…it has definitely provided a talking point for both my staff and clients. It is also very convenient to “live” the most part of your day in such surroundings. I’m more than delighted with my decision to invest in this piece.

This was an effortless purchase and the designer has taken every care to make sure that I don’t have to waste precious business time maintaining the product. I optioned for the year long T.L.C package so I need not to invest staff time in cleaning it as it’s done by a professional.

One less thing for a busy company to worry about…

Flatfish in Lincolnshire

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